Hammer & Tong is a friendly, family owned gym that provides group fitness classes - as well as a variety of other training options, in an easily accesible location in the Goonellabah Industrial Estate.
At Hammer & Tong, we consider ourselves one big family with a community focused attitude towards training.

We cater to a variety of fitness levels from beginners just starting out in the fitness world, through to experienced athletes who are looking for that extra edge in their training.


We incorporate a variety of functional movements into our daily programming to give you skills across multiple physical domains to achieve a well-rounded and inclusive style of fitness.
Our programming includes a large variety of different training methods including but not limited to Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell training, running, rowing, swimming, strongman and military style training. 

The goal is to maximise your General Physical Preparedness measured across 10 general physical domains– Cardio respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Co-ordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy. 

Put simply, our aim is to get you to be the best physical version of yourself in order to tackle whatever life throws at you!
Whether that includes making day-to-day tasks easier, training for specific occupational requirements, or competing in your chosen sport.

Regardless of your current fitness level, Hammer & Tong is for everyone. We tailor our program to you, by following three simple principles:

  1. Mechanics: be brilliant at the basics, you always need to walk before you can run.
  2. Consistency: once you have the basics down pat we increase the number of reps performed over time till you can do a particular movement in your sleep.
  3. Intensity: once you have got 1 & 2 covered, we ramp up the volume and start doing things at speed to produce power – which equals results!


Here at Hammer and Tong we have 800sqm of room to move, here you will push, pull, squat, lift, throw, climb, run, row, stretch, laugh and high five.
Pretty much anything you can class as a functional movement, we've got it. In amongst these walls we are building you up for whatever life throws at you.

You wont find your classic isolated machines that you get at your local 24/7 gym, there is no mirrors (except in the bathroom) and there is no ego's amongst any of our athletes.
You will surprise yourself with what your body can achieve through determination, hard work and consistency.
There is no secret to getting stronger or getting fitter, achieving the body and lifestyle you want takes hard work, commitment and patience.

However, Investing in your own health for you and your family should rank highly. So when u join our community we honour that commitment with dedication to you and your own personal journey.

​We will make sure you are guided every step of the way, we will crush the goals you set, knock down road blocks that are in the way and we will have a ton of fun along the way.