We're a Community

We're a Community

Hammer & Tong is a friendly, family-owned gym that provides group fitness classes - as well as a variety of other training options, in an easily accessible location in the Goonellabah Industrial Estate.
At Hammer & Tong, we consider ourselves one big family with a community-focused attitude towards training.

Functional Movement

Functional Movements


We incorporate a variety of functional movements into our daily programming to give you skills across multiple physical domains to achieve a well-rounded and inclusive style of fitness.

Our programming includes a large variety of different training methods including but not limited to;

• Olympic weightlifting

• Powerlifting

• Gymnastics

• Kettlebell training

• Running, rowing, swimming, strongman, and military-style training.

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Don't worry, we support you through each of these movements, and everyone that joins our community starts with scaling options.

The Goal

The Goal

The goal is to maximize your General Physical Preparedness measured across ten general physical domains

1. Cardiorespiratory Endurance

2. Stamina

3. Strength

4. Flexibility

5. Power

6. Speed

7. Coordination

8. Agility

9. Balance

10. Accuracy

Regardless of your current fitness level, Hammer & Tong is for everyone.

We 'scale' our program to you by following Three Simple Principles


You always need to walk before you can run. Be brilliant at the basics.


Once you have the basics. We will amend your work out. It may involve changing the progression of the scaled option or increasing your repetition within the workout.


Once mechanics &  consistency are covered, we ramp up the volume and start doing things at speed to produce power.


Hammer and Tong facility has 800sqm of room to move. You will push, pull, squat, lift, throw, climb, run, row, stretch, laugh, and high five. 

Anything considered as Functional Movement (Functional movements are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics) we do it! Inside the walls of Hammer & Tong, we are supporting you to build you up for whatever life throws at you.

You can forget about isolated gym machinery, you can forget about the mirrors, and you can forget about the egos. You will remember the community atmosphere, the positive environment, and you'll feel the release of your endorphins.

With the support of the coaches you will surprise yourself with what your body can achieve through determination, resilience, and consistency.

There is no secret to getting stronger or getting fitter; achieving the results you want for you takes commitment and patience.

Don't wait until you stop this and stop that, CrossFit is the change you need to help you change the rest.

Investing in your health for you and your family should rank highly. By joining our community when you join our community, we honor that commitment with the dedication to you and your journey.


​We will guide you through each step of your journey.

We teach you how to crush your personal goals

We will support you in knocking down roadblocks

We promise you a whole lot of fun along the way